Ma Sarap Food Truck is serving hot sizzling authentic Filipino food and delicacies in the greater Northern California Area. Phylisis Antonio is the face of this franchise, literally and figuratively. She started this journey after 20+ years working for Kaiser Permanente. While working there, her colleagues and friends contacted her regularly to cater their private events. Cooking has always been a passion for her so after her retirement, she wanted to share it with the world. If there was one aspect to describe Phylisis from anyone who has ever known her, it would be for her amazing cooking skills. Being born in the Philippines, she grasped the true meaning of flavorful food which exemplifies the backbone of her unique cooking style. With so much positive feedback from everyone, she decided to put this food truck plan in motion with the help of her savvy son Mark Antonio and her family. The Ma Sarap Food Truck was born.